Leadpages Review 2019 – Should you get it

Let’s face it.  Everyone who has a website is trying to get eyes on their pages and, of course, products.  That’s why there are so many websites out there in the first place. Just like traditional storefronts, the goal is to grab the viewer’s attention, show them that your store is great, and convert them into customers. 

If you need help in doing that, you’ll want to consider something like Leadpages. A great Unbounce alternative, Leadpages is going to be a practical and easy-to-use site builder that not only builds your website but helps you design it to be focused on conversions from the very beginning.

If you’re looking at focusing on bringing in as much traffic as possible — again, who isn’t? — you’ll certainly want to consider Leadpages and all that it can do for your business. Take a look.

What’s Leadpages?

LeadPages is an online device that you can utilize to collect e-mail subscribers. That is the major feature of LeadPages, as well as offering lots of purdy themes that you can use for lead magnets, webinars, and also landing web pages in order to expand your email checklist.

There’s a lot of perks waiting in the design of Leadpages, but let’s focus on the site-building aspect first. 

Unlike a lot of the options out there that specialize in site-building, Leadpages is generous in the traits that it offers with its base plan. 

You get 5 free sub-accounts for business users, automatic saving in editing, device-specific previews, a fun drag-and-drop interface, exceptionally fast page load speed, SEO-focused templates, and a seemingly endless list of widgets. 

There are so many perks to relying on Leadpages just for its use as a site designer that it’s impressive right off the bat. But, there’s so much more…

It’s more than just a site builder:

While it’s hard to argue with the fantastic perks that you’ve seen above, there is a lot more waiting for your in Leadpages, specifically in terms of the conversion that it offers up to those who are focusing on that trait specifically. 

You’ll get 10 options for campaigns (SMS, emails etc) for customers to subscribe to and unlimited pop-up forms that allow you for customers to get in touch and interact with you anywhere on your website.

You’ll also get third-party analytics as well as las real-time analytics that is going to help you see what’s really going on as you’re looking at the page. 

Leadpages is designed to be a practical and easy to use funnel builder that will help you get eyes on your landing page and keep them there until they turn into the customers that you’re looking for.

It’s got the tools to back up the claim, too, so that you can start seeing a better website with more customers than you would with another platform.

Great for beginners:

A great perk of Leadpages is that it understands that there are beginners that are looking to start out on the right foot. 

The simple and straightforward interface is fantastic for beginners, and the actual process of setting up a website is streamlined so that everyone can get a website up and running in no time at all. 

Helping the beginner understand the relationship between graphics and content, Leadpages will help even the utmost beginner’s website the best version of itself it can be.

Also designed for those looking for a change:

Leadpages is not one to leave anyone out in the cold.

However, those who are hunting around for a stable platform, even if they are already focused somewhere else, will find that Leadpages is the right call. 

While Leadpages is simple to use, it focuses on growing with the user so that they can see the difference that it takes when relying on the right kind of guidance. 

Even if you’re already established somewhere else and want to make the change, Leadpages will make the process as easy as possible and it will offer you conversion that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Really is focused on conversion:

Sure, it’s been mentioned a few times, but the true value of Leadpages really is in its focus on conversion. 

That’s why you’re here, after all. There are several ways that it focuses on making itself a funnel for you:

  • Mobile-friendly templates: Since practically everyone hunts around online with their phones and other mobile devices, Leadpages focuses its templates on being entirely mobile-friendly. 
    You can even specify it by device so that you can get a feel for how each viewer will see it, and adjust accordingly.
  • Drag and drop convenience: A popular focus point of Leadpages for the conversion is also the convenience of the editor and creator. 
    You’ll be able to rely on a fast and efficient editor that will put the pieces of information where Leadpages determines it’s best — all in the name of maximum conversion, of course.  
  • Combination of graphics and text: Since you want to make sure that you are using your content and graphics effectively, Leadpages will work with you to balance the two off of each other effectively and give you a richer landing page all in all.

Shows you a smarter way to use content:

Leadpages focuses on you as a customer as well as the viewer to your website. 

When you’re working with your website content, Leadpages will show you a smarter way to use your time, focus, content, and graphics through the analytics that it offers up. 

Inputting together this in a convenient way for you to understand, you’ll get a stronger website that will better entice your customers to come in and stay for a while.


There is so much work that goes into making a name for yourself in the online world.  It can be frustrating to do all of the work and not see the results.

So, whether you’re looking for a mobile-friendly website builder or a website builder that is focused entirely on conversion and helping you improve your online experience, Leadpages is certainly the right platform. 

No matter your online conversion needs, Leadpages will be the ultimate alternative for builders like Unbounce that will get you those sales that you’ve always dreamed of happening. You deserve it, after all.

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