WEBFLOW CMS Review 2019 – Everything to know

In the digital world, new blogs, informational and business websites are launching every day. Thanks to the amazing web developing and designing systems and software programs, it is no longer difficult to launch your website. You don’t need to have technical skills to do that.

Webflow CMS is rather a newcomer in this market. The software, however, is getting greatly popular among web developers. In this article, we will tell you more about Webflow CMS and compare it to its competitors.


A CMS (Content Management System) is a web-developing system or software that allows people with no technical skills to create, manage and modify digital content.

WordPress is the most traditional content management system and is used by millions of users across the world. Many other CMS web development programs have launched and have been popular in the market for the past decade. Drupal, Joomla, Typo3, Magento are some of the most famous ones. None of them, however, have been able to give a head-to-head competition to WordPress until now.


Webflow CMS is a full-featured responsive web developer for beginners and entrepreneurs with no technical skills and, for web developers and graphic designers requiring multifaceted functionality.

Launched in 2013, Webflow CMS is a web designer’s dream come true. The CMS system has the drag-and-drop ease of use like Photoshop and lets you develop and customize a responsive website without requiring code. It comes with dozens of free templates and more premium ones if you want to go a step above. There is a curve of learning, but it is worth it.

Its advanced hosting technology can handle a huge volume of web traffic and still load your web pages in milliseconds.

Webflow CMS offers a one-of-a-kind editor that allows you to change or modify your content without any hitches. It also makes it easy for you to collaborate with your associates and monitor all the variations made to your website.

Unlike most CMS programs, Webflow CMS comes with in-suite SEO tools that allow its editor to manipulate your meta-title and description. Whether you are creating content for your website or editing it, Webflow CMS allows you to have a full live preview of what will be posted on your website.

Webflow CMS is e-commerce friendly and comes with a full set of features to support your digital business. Webflow offers great customer service and also has a large selection of guiding videos, online-courses, and e-books to help you self-train yourself.


Webflow CMS brought the most innovative, user-friendly CMS for web developers. The CMS has been popular ever since and is now being preferred over WordPress. But don’t take our word for this. Here is a comparison of some of the best and most widely used CMS.

To compare their functionality and accessibility, we will look at the following features of each CMS:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Free themes
  • Free Plug-ins
  • Best Used For
  • One-click install availability
  • Level of skill required
  • Pros & Cons


WordPress started as a blogging platform but has evolved into an all-inclusive premium level CMS. It is widely used by beginners with no prior web-developing skills but is also used by some of the big enterprises. Some most popular ones are CNN, TIMES, Mashable. 23% of websites use WordPress CMS.

COSTWordPress software can be downloaded for free.
But you will need to pay for hosting.
HOSTINGBluehost provides hosting services for less than $3 a month.
EASE OF USE WordPress is extremely easy to use.
It requires no prior skills.
It comes with ready-to-use templates.
FREE THEMES WordPress offers more than 3000 free themes.
FREE PLUG-INS WordPress supports 44000 plug-ins including SEO.
That’s the largest number of plug-ins compared to any other CMS.
BEST USED FOR WordPress is most popularly used for blogs.
It is used for both beginner and professional level websites.
It also supports e-commerce.
PROS Responsive web developing
Ideal for both basic and professional level websites
Facilitates Microsoft Documents
Supports plug-ins for SEO tools
Themes support mobile-friendly website view
CONS New updates might affect existing web content.
3rd party plug-ins make it vulnerable for hacking.
Lots of unrelated generic code results in slower loading speed.


Drupal is used across the globe by millions of users for making their websites. As compared to WordPress, Drupal supports businesses and enterprises. it focuses on providing digital solutions to help people promote their business websites.

COST Drupal can be downloaded free of cost.
HOSTING Inmotion Hosting helps Drupal clients host their websites.
EASE OF USE It requires a much higher level of skills.
It has easy one-click accessibility.
FREE THEMES Drupal offers more than 2000 free themes.
FREE PLUG-INS Drupal supports 25000 free plug-ins.
BEST USED FORIt is ideal for professionals, businesses and e-commerce sites.
PROSDrupal is versatile, its various modules can help you amp up your business website.
It allows web users to access multi-sites through one code.
Drupal provides high speed in performance.
CONSThere is a learning curve. You need more skills to use Drupal.
If you choose to use a web developer, it is not easy to find one expert in using Drupal.

WebFlow CMS

Much newer in the market but already popular, Webflow CMS is marking its territory in the world of web developing software systems and programs.

COSTYou can use it for free but your website will be in trial status.
HOSTINGWebflow hosting costs $12/month.
EASE OF USE It requires some skills and needs learning through available resources.
FREE THEMES It offers thousands of free themes.
Webflow CMS keep uploading new templates.
FREE PLUG-INS It comes with built-in features like SEO instead of relying on o 3rd party plug-ins.
BEST USED FOR It is ideal for bloggers, beginners, entrepreneurs, web designers, and professionals
PROS Webflow CMS is user-friendly with a lot of online resources to help people learn for free.
It offers more designing features as compared to WordPress.
It has a great Editor with an in-suite SEO.
It offers easier collaboration with other associates.
CONS There is a little learning curve.
It can be pricey if you want to use it for free with complete functionality.


While each CMS system has its own pros & cons, when choosing one you should first look at how you want to use it. Webflow CMS offers an easy, comprehensive web designing experience which can help you make a stellar website. The best part is you will not have to worry about hacking as the CMS provides a more secure route, making it better than its competitors.

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