Webflow eCommerce Review 2019 – The Best Ecom platform?

Selling stuff online is no longer about putting up a landing page that says “Interested?  Call [insert phone number here].” Now there are entire platforms dedicated specifically to selling products and services that will help the creator/seller earn some cash. 

One of the leaders in this online revolution is Webflow eCommerce. Advertising itself as an eCommerce website builder, this software will allow you to build a presence online and get eyes to your page, all intended to sell your products and services to those who are interested, of course. 

So, how is this commercial-grade, user-friendly platform about to help you out? Take a look for yourself.

Webflow eCommerce

You can build from a template or from scratch

No one is left behind in this beta version of eCommerce. You’ll be able to design an online store from a template within Webflow, or you can enjoy building from scratch if that is something that you prefer. 

In this way, it really caters to users at all levels of learning and experience. Just one of the reasons why this is an actual Shopify alternative.

Not only can you choose how custom or uniform you want to be with your shop, but you can also have access to scratch and template building to offer you all of the options you could hope for at the click of a button.

You have all sorts of eCommerce features

What’s an eCommerce platform without associated features, right?  You’ll get no shortage of options to make this your own, including customization of the store design, orientation on the page, color scheme, text boxes, order page, and checkout page.

Then there are the features that will appear as you finish setting up your store, which are the more business-related details (more on that later).  This isn’t just an add-on that gives you a few specific details. This is a whole online store.

Take a look at analytics

Webflow as a whole is well-known for its really useful analytics, and you’ll be happy to know that eCommerce takes it a step further. 

When you want to see exactly how your eCommerce is performing, there is a brand new set of analytics to show it to you with all of the detail that you know to expect from Webflow. 

Designed in a way that will help you make adjustments and tweaks to your store as you need it, it’s nice to know that you can put both Squarespace and Shopify alternatives to work that are going to give you perks in the design side as well as the “below the hood” focused analytics of it all.

You can work with the pre-built categories and products

Working with Webflow eCommerce, you’ll be given access to two included sections which are categories and products. 

You would start customizing the categories list first, including more or sub-categories as needed.

Once the categories are properly set up, you would then add in the products to them.  This starts to build the directory and catalog for your online store so that you can see it taking shape.

It’s nice to see that this Squarespace alternative is actually designed to give you full organization and scaling abilities but still makes sure that you make the rules on how you want these two sections to look and feel in your store.

Enjoy full design perks and match it to your website

If you already have a website on the same Webflow domain, setting up the eCommerce is as easy and enabling it. 

You can even continue the same template or scratch-built theme across to the new element. This is great when you are simply adding on the new element to a bustling website.

The two can work together: If you want to use your website to drive people to your store, and your store to drive people to your website, this is easily enabled (and encouraged) with Webflow eCommerce. 

You’ll be able to drive up the views and the customer engagement by simply offering them a hand-in-hand package with two parts on the same platform.

One can fuel the other: Along those same lines, you’ll be able to help your overall reputation rise online with the enabling of this eCommerce platform.  Just like a blog does, a new platform will alert online shoppers that you are out there and that you are now taking orders.

This will increase your online presence and help both your store and your website perform better.  All of this while, of course, designing and using it however you determine to be best for your website.

Customize and design the order processing and checkout pages

One of the unique perks to this platform is that you get to design all of the pages and parts of the ordering process. 

That is, you can customize the look and feel of the order processing page and the checkout page on your eCommerce. You can match these in theme to the rest of your store or change it up entirely. 

This is really neat, too, for making sure that you are taking care of your customer all the way through the ordering process.

This is set up as an actual business store

As briefly mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to make use of the traditional formal details that you want with a store, too, in using Webflow eCommerce. 

This includes taxation, shipping costs, order tracking and more. Just another way that you get more control over the elements of your store, as you should.

Should you get Webflow eCommerce?

The short answer is Yes, it has everything you need to start an eCommerce business, with all that it has to offer you’ll surely be ahead of your competitors.

However, if you were planning to do dropshipping then Shopify might be more suitable for you, it’s more designed features for that purpose.

While the world of online business is still developing and adjusting to the real bricks and mortar marketplace, it’s nice to see that programs like Webflow eCommerce exist and are intended to make it much easier, and all-around better for those modern business people. 

Now all that’s left is to go out there and design a store of your very own. With the use of Webflow eCommerce, it’s sure to be a streamlined experience that will give you the results you’re looking for.

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