Webflow Review 2020 – Is it the best choice for you?

The internet is amazing, but sometimes having too many options to choose from can be overwhelming. 

There is no better example than when you are looking at website design and how to make it your own.

If you want to build a website without code and simply enjoy working with a responsive website builder in and of itself, you can skip all of the research and take a look at this Webflow review instead. 

What you’ll find waiting for you here in its general features is going to surpass anything you could have hoped for.

What is Webflow?

What is webflow

Simple, fast start-up

Like a lot of online website builders, Webflow advertises itself as being a streamlined start-up to get your website going. 

The difference between this and other options, however, is that it is the real deal. Designing a website from scratch or from a template is really fast, user-friendly, and simple enough so that you don’t have to focus on coding or plug-ins. 

It’s just all done for you so that you can get it up, online, and ready for clients.

Webflow’s CMS allows for multiple branches of building

When you are working with a content management system (CMS), you often feel as though you’ve only got maybe 1 fork in the road to choose from. With Webflow, you’re just at the beginning of the road.

With multiple paths and avenues that you can take, you’ll enjoy several options to make your website better and more diverse.

However, you need it to go.  Choose from an online store, a portfolio, marketing and more all from the base Webflow design.

Easier Editing

Simplicity should be all throughout the web design process, and you’ll find that a lot of websites focus on the start-up process and marketing process. 

Webflow focuses just as much energy on its editing process. Working directly from the website, you’ll be able to edit everything that needs to without having to rely on downloaded desktop programs or complicated edit functions within a dashboard. 

It’s all done directly on the site where you can see the changes live.

Webflow eCommerce – also without coding

All too often, eCommerce gets pushed to the technical side of the road when online designers are looking at putting together a store. This is not the case with Webflow eCommerce.

You’ll be able to enjoy a streamlined process even in the often technical eCommerce coding and ordering. This is great when you really want a website with no code aspect on your end.

Plenty Of Support

All too often, a website designer will offer you some templates and other perks, but the support that is available to help confused or uncertain users is not the best. 

From community forums to simply a small selection of articles, it’s frustrating to know that your needs are not being met with the support angle. Webflow is different. In fact, it’s got the unique support systems to back it up!

  • Online course for Webflow use:
    When you are new to Webflow, you’ll be able to enjoy an online course specifically on the bigger features of Webflow so that you can get off on the right foot.

    webflow university
  • Instructions on how to build a website:
    when it comes specifically to building a website, we’ve got instructions on how to best do that so that you understand the steps from start to finish and beyond.

  • Informative blog posts:
    Constantly updated as more information becomes available. There are information and customer-focused blog available to all Webflow users that will keep you up to date on Webflow so that you can hunt through to find the support and help that you’re looking for.

Works With Marketing Tools

It feels as though we’ve skipped right over the most important detail in this Webflow overview, but it’s not the case. 

To make things more convenient for you, Webflow is — and will always be — designed to work with whatever marketing tools that you want to use with it. 

This includes big names like Google Analytics and Mail Chimp. No upgrades or complicated processes needed to make these work for your benefit.

Airtight Security And Protection

When you want Squarespace alternatives that are going to offer you the convenience and protection that you’re looking for in the same place, Webflow is a great strong, powerful option. 

Not only does it offer better customization than Squarespace (stay tuned), it has the airtight, impressive security to back it up.

You won’t need to worry about vigilantly watching for threats and upgrading security settings every 2 months. This has you covered and protected for stress-free use.

Customize everything

Squarespace is well known for its power of customization in the editing function. 

Webflow does you one better by offering you editing and adjust of every single little thing in their templates. 

You won’t need to stick with any small detail that you don’t want on your Webflow website. You can just change it and transform it into the perfect fit for you.

Focused on SEO with no plug-ins

Webflow focuses on usability, and SEO is where it really shows its stuff. 

You don’t have to install or adapt plug-ins to work with SEO.

It’s all done for you directly in Webflow so that you can make sure that you are accessing the customers that you deserve to.

Should you use Webflow for your website?

Webflow is not the best or most important thing in the online world, but it does have a serious lead on all of the other web design programs out there. and that’s definitely worth its weight when you want the simple option that surpasses all of your expectations.

Even if you’ve used some of the leading options in the past – WordPress, Squarespace, etc — you’ll find that Webflow is going to be superior in all of the ways that you want, need and deserve.

All that’s left is to show you just how effective it can be with your website in particular, even if you didn’t think it possible.  That’s the power of modern, customer-focused technology.  

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